Below are a list of all the guidelines for the ODN North West Childrens Hub.
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Upper Airway Obstruction GuidelinePaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Regional Insertion of Paediatric Intraosseous Needle GuidelinePaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Northwest, North Wales and Isle of Man Adenotonsillectomy Pathway/ Best Practice GuidanceSurgery in Childrensurgery-in-children
Guidelines, Protocol, Pathway and Policy Ratification Standard Operational ProcedureLong term Ventilation, ODN Home, Paediatric Critical care, Surgery in Childrenlong-term-ventilation odn-home paediatric-critical-care surgery-in-children
Governance Structure PCC SiC LTV ODNLong term Ventilation, Paediatric Critical care, Surgery in Childrenlong-term-ventilation paediatric-critical-care surgery-in-children
Paediatric Critical Care Society Website LinkPaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Severe and life-threatening Bronchiolitis – Management GudielinesPaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Acute Severe Asthma in Children over 2yrs – Management GuidelinesPaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Suspected Button Battery Ingestion – Management GuidelinePaediatric Critical care, Surgery in Childrenpaediatric-critical-care surgery-in-children
Acute Collapsed Neonate/Infant – Management GuidelinesPaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care
Generalised Convulsive Status Epilepticus in Children – Management GuidelinePaediatric Critical carepaediatric-critical-care